Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Come on SPRING!!!

I am a little tired of mother nature teasing us the way that she has. We have a nice day here and there and then all of the sudden....BOOM it's freezing outside again! Saturday was nice, we did a little yard work, hooked up the baby swing on the swing set so the kids could play, and then Sunday was horrible and the wind on Monday was awful! Brrr! I am ready for the warm weather already!

P.S. Don't look too closely at our lawn, we still have a lot of work to do on it. Those darn voles really got to it this winter!


Alison said...

Hi Sally! I found your blog through Lindsay's blog- kinda crazy huh? I don't have a blog, so I just look at other people's- it's more fun that way anyway! I have been meaning to call you back, but my weekends have been crazy! I need to take you out to lunch for your birthday- I know it was 2 months ago. Let me know when is a good time for you. I will try to call next weekend. We're going to Salt Lake for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Anyway- keep blogging, it's fun to see pictures and read about what's going on.

The Wright Family said...

So cute! I know this is a pretty old post, but cute blog anyway!