Monday, April 7, 2008

Still figuring things out

I haven't been playing with this very much yet so I'm still not really sure what I am doing. I need to find out where everyone gets their cute layouts and cute headers with pictures and stuff. Hopefully this week sometime I can figure out for sure what I am doing and have this up and going.


The Murdock's said...

Sally- I just started my blog about a month ago so I don't know very much about it yet either. I have learned that it is really fun and it's interesting to come across so many blogs of people that we know. It was good to hear from you and thanks for leaving me a comment. If you're looking for some cute templates there are some cute ones at and

come and visit my blog again soon!

thechristensens said...

You don't have to be sorry for being a blog stalker, I am too! I just like getting comments! Haha. But, it is nice to see who all of my visitors are. I just went from like 10 hits a day to like 40, so I was a little worried! But your kids are so cute! Welcome to the blogging world!