Monday, December 5, 2011


I truly didn't mean to go for a full year before posting again! I kept telling myself I had to post again before the year mark, and now it is past! I don't know what I do to keep myself so busy that I don't have time to do it, so I think it must be that I am too lazy to do it? I don't know, but I really think I will try and do better this year. ;) Now my problem is where do I start? Do I go back for the full year or just start from the beginning? I may do some back tracking, but probably not a whole lot. I missed a major milestone (the twins turning 1) that should be documented, but I don't even have that many pictures from that I don't think. Maybe my goal should be to take more pictures!

My sister-in-law is trying to get practice with her camera and offered to do family pictures for us! I was so thrilled because I had been wanting to do pictures but they are so dang expensive! So I was more than willing to help her out and get her some experience. I think we proved to be a handful for her with 2 babies, not to mention the fact that it was really windy and COLD; but she did an amazing job and I am so thankful for her for doing them! It's too hard to pick a very favorite and so many of them turned out fabulous, but here are a few of them.

Didn't she do an awesome job?!?! Thanks again Jessica!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This was our first trip to Island Park this summer. My sister had a pass to let several people into the Grizzly Discovery Center so we went in and watched the bears for quite a while. It was pretty cool to see the bears so close up. They switched bears while we were there (they take shifts and only 2 are out at a time) and inbetween shifts some people came out and hid food around the area so we got to watch the bears come out and look for it. It was actually pretty cool.

Birkli really seemed to like it. She kept wanting to look though this telescope to see them, she didn't seem to mind that it didn't work (only cuz I didn't put money in it to make it work though), I'm not sure she even knows what it is supposed to do, but she sure had fun standing up next to it.

Cooper spent most of the time riding on my brothers back. Thankfully his son didn't feel like he needed it and just before we had left the cabin to go to see the bears he fell and skinned his knee. Well, if you know Cooper at all, it is the end of the world when you skin your knee and he couldn't possibly walk on it. I was very thankful that my brother was there and was willing to pack him around in it!

The babies didn't seem to care much about the bears. They like to go for rides in the stroller though so as long as we were moving they were happy. I did a lot of walking back and forth in the same area so they thought we were moving but we could all still watch the bears too.

Birkli and Cooper at Big Springs the first time this summer. We didn't see very many fish this time but just as we were leaving we saw a mommy duck and lots of baby ducks so we fed our bread to them. They were so cute, we sat and fed them and watched them for quite a while.

Hiking Trip

Jeremy took Birkli on a hike up to Iron Bog this spring. She was very excited to go, but once she got there she was a little scared. She had been watching a show with Jeremy on Animal Planet about bears attacking people and she loved the show, but she remembered the show when she was out in the woods where bears could actually be and was scared. Jeremy kept telling her not to worry that he wouldn't let a bear get her and that the bears were his friends. So now she thinks that they really are his friends and anytime we mention anything about any of his friends she thinks we are talking about the bears. Poor kid, scarred for life I think. There was a lot of snow up there still and so Jeremy had to actually pack her a lot of the way and it really wore him out, but they had a good time together. When she got home she kept talking about Alvin and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Well, she had watched Alvin and the Chipmunks not long before (do we watch too much tv? ;) ) and so when they saw chipmunks up there she put the two together I guess and called them Alvin. Funny girl. Don't mind her hairdo, you can tell that I wasn't there and didn't have a ton of advanced notice that she was going to do it decently before she left.

I love this's my favorite.

Yay! We made it! But the lake is frozen!

More still...

We went to Bear Lake with my family for a week and rented a cabin and all stayed together in it. It was a lot of fun. I actually took my camera, but I didn't get very many pictures at all. I am so mad at myself cuz we really had a good time too! These pictures were all taken with Jeremy's phone so the bottom 2 are pretty fuzzy, but I really wanted to remember how bad of a sunburn Birkli got. It was the weirdest sunburn I have ever seen! It was like she was a raccoon but opposite cuz she had red circles around her eyes instead of white, I'm still not really sure how that happened. I sprayed her back a couple of times and yet she still got burned, she wasn't too thrilled with it and I felt bad for her but there wasn't much I could do.

Eating a yummy raspberry shake! Can't go to Bear Lake with out getting one of those (or 2 or 3;) )!

Jeremy took Birkli fishing. He has taken her several times, but she has yet to catch a fish. I think she is starting to think that you don't actually catch fish when you go fishing, you just stick your pole in the water and sit there. :)

I now realize why everyone thought I had one boy and one girl with the twins! He does kind of look like a girl with that hair! I'm glad we finally cut it.

More Odds and Ends

Birkli started Kindergarten and she absolutely loves it. This picture was actually taken after she got home because we were were running late (of course) and didn't have time to take pictures before school. I do have some pictures of her at the school, but they are on my phone since I forgot to take the camera with me (of course) and I haven't gotten them off yet. I think her favorite parts of Kindergarten are riding riding the bus, eating breakfast at the school, and recess.:) She seems to be doing well though so I won't worry yet.

The boys FINALLY started eating solids good! I feel like we fed them solids for a really long time before they actually started to eat it. It just kept coming back out at us for the longest time!

I took the kids up to Island Park to my uncles cabin a couple of times this summer, I think this was the 2nd time. We love to go feed the fish at Big Springs when we go. I had to post a picture of me cuz I'm really not in pictures much since I am the one usually behind the camera.

Birkli and two of her cousins being goofy at Big Springs.

Jeremy took Cooper on a drive all by himself and I think he was thrilled to get all of his dads attention without having to compete with one of the other kids. It was a nice break for me because that kid can sure test my patience these days. ;)

Odds and Ends

I am horrible at blogging. Here are a few things that we have been up to in no particular order (there are too many things to try and make sure they are in order).

We attempted to take the babies pictures for their 7 month milestone (yeah, so we were a month late getting the 6th month milestone...big deal...;)). I thought this one was kind of funny because it looks like Weston pushed Miles over, but really Miles just isn't too good at sitting on his own yet, so that is just his way of sitting.

Jeremy went up in the Copper Basin area to hunt for a long weekend all by himself. We missed him terribly, but he had a fun time and got some nice alone time which I think he enjoyed.

The babies are getting more and more fun. They are starting to be more aware of each other and others around them and always have us laughing at them.

Jeremy's friend entered the demolition derby for Shelley Spud Days with another friends car. Jeremy got to go be in the pit crew and loved it. I'm sure he would like it more if he was actually the one driving the car though.

We took the kids to the fair and this is one of the rides that they went on. It was taken with Jeremy's phone so it isn't the best picture, but for some reason we can't ever seem to remember our camera when we go places.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It was just time....

Weston has such a cute little face, but the hair was starting to get a little out of control so we decided it was time for a hair cut. He didn't seem to mind it at first when he was in the high chair, but then when we took him out to get to the back of his head he sure didn't like it one bit! It was a team effort and it wasn't fun with a screaming baby, but we got the job done. I'm sure it would not pass the inspection of a professional, but it looked better in our eyes anyway.


And what was Miles doing while his brother was being tortured -er I mean getting his hair cut?

Being photographed over and over by his favorite sister of course. I seriously have about 20 pictures of pretty much this exact picture. She gets a little camera happy. ;)

Cooper was next for a hair cut, and as you can see he didn't like it any more than Weston did! Haha!

Well, that was 2 months ago and now it is time for another haircut for Weston. I have been putting it off cuz it is so not fun, but it really needs done. Although, pulling up those pictures to put on here and seeing how long it really was makes me think we should be able to go for quite a while still cuz he hair isn't even half that long right now! If I could let it get that long once, why not again huh? ;)