Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hiking Trip

Jeremy took Birkli on a hike up to Iron Bog this spring. She was very excited to go, but once she got there she was a little scared. She had been watching a show with Jeremy on Animal Planet about bears attacking people and she loved the show, but she remembered the show when she was out in the woods where bears could actually be and was scared. Jeremy kept telling her not to worry that he wouldn't let a bear get her and that the bears were his friends. So now she thinks that they really are his friends and anytime we mention anything about any of his friends she thinks we are talking about the bears. Poor kid, scarred for life I think. There was a lot of snow up there still and so Jeremy had to actually pack her a lot of the way and it really wore him out, but they had a good time together. When she got home she kept talking about Alvin and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Well, she had watched Alvin and the Chipmunks not long before (do we watch too much tv? ;) ) and so when they saw chipmunks up there she put the two together I guess and called them Alvin. Funny girl. Don't mind her hairdo, you can tell that I wasn't there and didn't have a ton of advanced notice that she was going to do it decently before she left.

I love this picture....it's my favorite.

Yay! We made it! But the lake is frozen!

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Jessica :) said...

I really love the "yay, we made it" photo! So cute! And it is so funny that she called the chipmunks Alvin! I can't believe she put that together. :D