Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Odds and Ends

Birkli started Kindergarten and she absolutely loves it. This picture was actually taken after she got home because we were were running late (of course) and didn't have time to take pictures before school. I do have some pictures of her at the school, but they are on my phone since I forgot to take the camera with me (of course) and I haven't gotten them off yet. I think her favorite parts of Kindergarten are riding riding the bus, eating breakfast at the school, and recess.:) She seems to be doing well though so I won't worry yet.

The boys FINALLY started eating solids good! I feel like we fed them solids for a really long time before they actually started to eat it. It just kept coming back out at us for the longest time!

I took the kids up to Island Park to my uncles cabin a couple of times this summer, I think this was the 2nd time. We love to go feed the fish at Big Springs when we go. I had to post a picture of me cuz I'm really not in pictures much since I am the one usually behind the camera.

Birkli and two of her cousins being goofy at Big Springs.

Jeremy took Cooper on a drive all by himself and I think he was thrilled to get all of his dads attention without having to compete with one of the other kids. It was a nice break for me because that kid can sure test my patience these days. ;)

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