Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This was our first trip to Island Park this summer. My sister had a pass to let several people into the Grizzly Discovery Center so we went in and watched the bears for quite a while. It was pretty cool to see the bears so close up. They switched bears while we were there (they take shifts and only 2 are out at a time) and inbetween shifts some people came out and hid food around the area so we got to watch the bears come out and look for it. It was actually pretty cool.

Birkli really seemed to like it. She kept wanting to look though this telescope to see them, she didn't seem to mind that it didn't work (only cuz I didn't put money in it to make it work though), I'm not sure she even knows what it is supposed to do, but she sure had fun standing up next to it.

Cooper spent most of the time riding on my brothers back. Thankfully his son didn't feel like he needed it and just before we had left the cabin to go to see the bears he fell and skinned his knee. Well, if you know Cooper at all, it is the end of the world when you skin your knee and he couldn't possibly walk on it. I was very thankful that my brother was there and was willing to pack him around in it!

The babies didn't seem to care much about the bears. They like to go for rides in the stroller though so as long as we were moving they were happy. I did a lot of walking back and forth in the same area so they thought we were moving but we could all still watch the bears too.

Birkli and Cooper at Big Springs the first time this summer. We didn't see very many fish this time but just as we were leaving we saw a mommy duck and lots of baby ducks so we fed our bread to them. They were so cute, we sat and fed them and watched them for quite a while.

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Alison said...

Wow- you've been busy blogging! Looks like fun! Your babies are getting so big! It seems like I haven't seen you forever! Rylee stayed in Denver with Matt yesterday so she missed dance again. Hopefully we see you next week!