Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We blessed our babies on Mother's Day and it was such a neat experience. I've never been to a blessing for twins before so that was kind of fun. Every single person in my family was there except for one brother-in-law so that was kind of neat to have them all there. Jeremy's mom came and two of his brothers and their families were there as well. We were thankful for a mostly nice day so that we could eat our lunch outside afterward since there just isn't enough room in my house for that many people. It was bittersweet though, to know that I won't be having any more sweet babies to have blessed. I just have to savor every little tiny moment with these two cuz I won't be having any more of these "firsts" moments.

Sorry for the poor quality photos. Another reason I hadn't posted about this yet is cuz my brother had taken some pictures with his fancy shmancy camera and I was going to wait until I saw those to post and use them instead, but since he is now the bishop in his ward, I'm thinking it will be a while before I see those pictures so this is what you get. ;)

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Alison said...

They're so sweet- what a neat Mother's Day! We still need to come see them! It's summer now, so I'll have more time. I'll give you a call.