Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My girl

Birkli is such a good helper to me with the babies. She is usually willing to help console one of them if he is crying and I am busy with the other one, she gets me wipes, diapers, binkis, burp cloths, etc. I am glad that she is so willing to help most of the time because it really is a lifesaver to me. She isn't always willing to help, especially if she is watching a tv show that she is really into or something, but for the most part she is pretty good.

Both of these pictures are of her helping Miles, she seems to help him the most, she always tells me that he likes her. She does help with Weston too, I just don't seem to have any pictures of her with him that I could find right off, plus he is a little crankier when he is cranky and she isn't able to soothe him as well so she doesn't do it as often. She really is a good big sister though and I'm glad that she seems to love all of her little brothers so much and I hope she continues to be a big helper to me and to them.

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