Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little Stinker

So the other night, Cooper feel asleep at dinner and since he has been kind of sick I decided to just let him sleep and I put him in his bed (this was at like 6:30). Then I put Birkli to bed at about 9 and at around 9:30 or 10 I went out to the kitchen to get medicine for Miles and saw that their bedroom door was open so I went in to see what was up. Well, at first I was a little concerned because Cooper wasn't in his bed so I quickly scanned the bedroom for him and wondered if he was in my bedroom and I hadn't seen him since I had already turned all the rest of the lights in the house off. Then I noticed that he was laying in bed next to Birkli all cuddled up and sound asleep. I thought it was so cute that they were snuggled together! I wish I could have taken a picture but it was dark and I knew it wouldn't have turned out. I am so glad that they love each other so much! For the most part Birkli is a pretty good big sister to him.

Yesterday Cooper totally grossed me out!! (for those of you that are sqeamish, you may want to stop reading here, but for some strange reason I want to remember this so I am recording it here) He was out in the rec room playing an x-box game and I was at the computer in my room trying to keep Miles content. Well, he came in and I could instantly tell that he was stinky so I stood up and told him to come with me to change his diaper. He didn't follow me so I went back to grab his hand and saw him grabbing funny at his pant leg and then all of the sudden a 'little nugget' came out of his pant leg. Right then I realized this was gonna be a messy one so I picked him up and carried him to the tub to clean him up. I am SO glad that I did that or I would have had poop all over my carpet! Apparently pull-ups don't hold a lot of poop! It was so thick, stuck all the way down his leg, it was impossible to get his pants and socks off without getting it on my fingers too! It only took about 20+ wet wipes to get him clean enough that I would let him take a bath and not have poopy water. Then when I went to clean out his pants (I did this in the tub too) I had the water running through the pant legs and logs came out! Seriously! I was so grossed out and very thankful I wasn't pregnant or I would have been in trouble! I spent about 45 minutes cleaning up him and his pants and the spots on the carpet between the rec room and bedroom! Of course the whole time I was doing that both babies were screaming at me! It was such a fun time for me! Oh that boy! If I didn't love him to death we would have a problem! ;)

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