Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poor Coopie

Cooper has been sick for quite a while now. For a long time it was just kind of a cough, no fever or runny nose or anything. But then it developed into a runny nose, a fever, and the cough. So we finally decided to take him in to the doc last Friday. According to the doc he had an ear infection in each ear and allergies. So we put him on some Amoxicillin and Zyrtec. Yesterday he woke up looking like this:

We thought maybe he had chicken pox or something, but after consulting with our doctor we have decided he must be allergic to penicillin. I guess he takes after his Momma. The poor thing though! I just feel so bad for him. He actually broke out even more since then. This is what his face looked last night when he was going to bed:

I need to take a picture of him in just his diaper cuz it is so bad all over him now! Poor kid! The doctor said it could take a week to clear up! Good thing we don't go anywhere lately!


Alison said...

Poor Cooper! Ashlyn has been sick a lot lately too- first she had strep and now she has some virus. All within a few weeks. She was off her antibiotic just a day before she got sick again. Will they ever get better?!?

The Wright Family said...

oh poor little guy! I hope he gets better soon!

Jessica :) said...

Oh, that looks awful! Poor kid! Allergies to meds are never fun - my first reaction was when I was 9 and I had a hard time with it then! I can't imagine being Cooper's age.